Shrubs & Muddles: Download the App now to Get the Party Started

The Hugomatica Shrubs and Muddles drink recipe application will inspire you to make your own fruit-flavored drinks. Shrubs and muddles are similar in that they both have a fruit base and are a nice complement to sparkling or mineral water.

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Top Five Reasons to Download Shrubs and Muddles

  1. Health: Drink more water by adding flavor to plain or sparkling water
  2. Refreshment: Enjoy a refreshing respite with a sweet and tart shrub or a fruity muddle
  3. Economy: Consume the fresh, organic foods from your garden by incorporating them into a shrub or muddle
  4. Revenue: Craft a new trendy shrub or muddle for your restaurant or kitchen
  5. Social Connections: Give a unique gift by sharing your homemade shrubs with friends and family

Save Your Custom Recipes with Fun Names

After using the “Shrubinator” or “Muddlinator” to find a great fruit drink combo that you will love, save the recipe to your “Favorites”. The app will then suggest an interesting British-themed name or you can create your own title. Later, you can always find your custom recipes for a “South Kensington Tryst” or “Mr Darcy’s Memory”.

As always, the Hugomatica team is looking for your suggestions as we continue to improve the app.

To download: Click here from your Apple Mobile iPhone or iPad:

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