Hustle Now – List Your Services With GoSpa To Get More Clients

We help you keep your chair full!

Clients Contact you Directly – GoSpa Helps You Get Your Hustle On

GoSpa lets clients find you directly. And because clients will be texting you from their cell phone, they keep your number in their call history. This makes it more likely that they will come to you first whenever they need your service during a time that you are hustling instead of chilling! And the great thing is that you already have a core expertise and business model. So your side hustle is really just a more efficient way of getting more clients. Post on GoSpa, let clients find you, and get more business!

The New Wave for Service Providers – Turn GoSpa On to Work, Turn it Off to Chill

The next wave of users want what they want, when they want it. These new users are used to using Uber or OpenTable not planning in advance. This is the hustle business model for the future.

Get your hustle on or chillDownload GoSpa and outpace your competition by being an early adopter to leverage technology. This is perfect for you because you get it.


Download GoSpa on the App Store

Here is How to use GoSpa:

First, login via your Facebook account (for verification).

Next, select the Map and type in your address. It will be saved in the address field. Then type in the other fields:

  • Spa Name
  • Your Name
  • Contact Email: In case GoSpa needs to send you information. Your email will not be seen by clients.
  • Textable Phone Number: This is important because this is how clients will reach you.
  • Spa Description: Briefly describe what is great about your services and anything that a client will need to know. An example is “Let us create a great nail experience for you. We provide luxurious manicures and pedicures that hold up for your busy life. We also provide customized nail design and love new challenges. Contact us and we will respond promptly!”

Post an  Image to Enhance Your Online Presence

Click ‘Image’ to add a photo directly to your posting. Don’t forget to click save. If you don’t add your own photo before you publish your listing, a default one will be shown.
GoSpa Salon Image

Make Yourself Available

Add or edit your availability on a day to day basis, up to a week ahead of time. Have a gap in your schedule this coming Tuesday at 3 pm? Add it so clients know you are free by clicking ‘Availability’ and then ‘Non-Recurring Availability.’ The minute you become available update your availability on GoSpa, since potential clients could be as close as your front door.

Add or edit your recurring available times. For example, if you arrive to work at 7:00 am every Wednesday, but never have any clients lined up until 9:00 am, post the available recurring times by clicking ‘Availability’ and then ‘Recurring Availability’. This way, even two months from now, you will have available times posted, without having to manually enter it every week.

Are you Free Right Now?

On the ‘Availability’ page, there is even a toggle that will allow you to automatically post that you are available to hustle now for the next hour. If you accidently toggle it or got an appointment right away, just delete this availability from the ‘Non-Recurring Availability’ screen.

What Services Make you Unique?

Specify the Services that you provide. Click ‘Types of Services Offered’ and then the + sign at the top right to add a new treatment. Next, choose a category from the drop down. The options are: Hair, Hair Removal, Massage, Nails, Face, Body, Spa or Other. This selection enables GoSpa to point potential clients to you, when they search by the service that they want. Use the same screen to input the specific name of the service (such as ‘Gel Manicure’), and then use the drop down to specify the length of time for the service. Finally, add the price and a description of the service that you will provide. Don’t forget to save! Repeat the above steps to add all of the services that you provide and include the details for each.

Publish (or un-Publish to Take a Vacation or Chill)

Once all that is done, return to the main screen. Toggle from “Not Published” to “Published”. Not ready to be seen, need to go on vacation or just want to hide your listing? Switch the toggle to “Not Published” any time. You are in control of the listing.

Check out the overview of the GoSpa App for Beauticians and Clients. You knew that you needed this. It is here for Apple devices and is coming soon for Android.

Last updated: September 11, 2017