GoSpa: Find nearby beauty appointments … NOW!!!

How cool is this? Reader’s Digest mentions GoSpa (along with Uber and Lyft) as number 4 on their 15 Technology Trends You Can Expect to See Dominate 2018!!! Check it out. And, if you are a salon service provider and you need help populating information or training on how to leverage GoSpa to grow your revenue, just email us at [email protected] with your preferred contact information and we will help you.

Have you ever tried to fit nail or hair appointments into a hectic schedule? It is almost impossible, right? Even if you think that you might be free next Wednesday at 4:30, what happens when your 7 year-old has a melt-down and has to be picked up early from daycare? Or when you have to work late unexpectedly?

No one has time to schedule, cancel and reschedule appointments!!! We used to do that in the olden days, but this is 2017. Things are different.

You Want it Now, Right?

We hated reserving taxis in advance and with Uber and Lyft we realized that there was a much better model. GoSpa provides that same level of usefulness for hair, nail, wax and massage appointments.

When you have a free hour, it is often a surprise. Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly see if any nearby spas have free time NOW and you can just pop over? Or text to reserve that spot?

Find Nail, Hair, Mani, Pedi, Massage & Wax Beauticians Near You Now

The solution is GoSpa. Manicurists can post their free times and the rest of us can see available services nearby. It’s that simple.

What if a manicurist wants to get a side hustle on and start working at 7:00 a.m. on weekday mornings. Before GoSpa, no one would know that the manicurist was there and therefore there would be no reason to come in early. Now extra work hours can be matched to someone who can drop by early in the morning.

Before this app, how many times did you forgo a much-needed pedicure?  Or, you walk in, see that everyone is busy already and walk right back out, right? Or maybe you feel guilty about walking back out so you sit down and wait …  and wait … and wait.

Top 4 Reasons to Download GoSpa Now

  1. On-Demand: Many Spa Users want what they want when they want it. With GoSpa there is a “Now” option.
  2. Cost: GoSpa does not have overhead, administration effort or cost for the users or service providers and therefore the extra cost that bogs down other apps (and which is passed on to the clients), does not apply for GoSpa.
  3. Ease of Use: Just download the App and find an appointment. Clients can even be standing outside a salon and use GoSpa to find an appointment now. A pre-populated text pops up with all of the requested information and can be sent for a quick response.
  4. App Space: Spa clients don’t want to download a bunch of apps hoping that that their nearby salon is on that app. Since GoSpa is free and easy to use, even the Salons that partner with one of the Apps that bill monthly, they can also use GoSpa for free. And, GoSpa has the easy to use “Available Now” toggle to augment revenue efficiently.


Download GoSpa on the App Store

More About GoSpa

For details about the GoSpa iPad give-away, click here.

Looking to list your services? Check out the attached Listing Instructions, or reach out to us at [email protected] and we will help you get started.

Looking for a salon service. After you download GoSpa, check out our How to Use hints.

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Need Data Entry Help for GoSpa?

Through the end of October 2017, we have a special offer for beauticians based in the United States: just “like” GoSpa on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GoSpaApp/ and we will provide App data entry help for populating your basic information, services, prices, description and general availability. Email us at [email protected] with confirmation of the GoSpa Facebook like and provide a phone number where our data entry tech can reach you. And we will help get you up and running so that you can attract more clients.