Create Your Own Custom App & Get it Published Fast

Have you ever wanted to create your own custom app for Apple devices? Hugomatica is now offering a fixed-price service to modify a guessing game app for you, using an existing App Store published format. With our Custom Guessing Game iOS App Package, you can customize the look and the content and even name it!

Top 7 Reasons You Need a Custom App

  • Getting a competitive edge for applying to top colleges
  • Sharing your specialized knowledge widely
  • Enhancing your credibility in a new or existing area of expertise
  • Helping others with content that provides a benefit to them
  • Showing off at your current position to help make the leap to the next
  • Testing out your million dollar app idea without learning to code first
  • Brag to all of your friends that you have an app in the App Store

Easy, Fast, No Programming Experience Needed

The name of the app, the color scheme and the content will all be your own creation. Just contact us for detailed instructions. Once you create all your content and send it along with your payment, we will input in into a template and show you what it will look like before we send it off to the App store. To help you visualize possibilities, here are a few ideas:


Guessing Game Template for Internet Company Quiz


Use Cases for Creating Your Own Custom App

  • Everyone at your high school has a 4.2 GPA, excels at some sport, has more than 1,000 volunteer hours and has an “overcoming adversity” story. Stand out with an App and put your name on it to show that you are tech saavy.
  • Silicon Valley party (think Bachmanity Insanity”) and you have to organize EVERYTHING including the entertainment and you want to bring it on. This will show off your creativity and skill and help get you on the radar for a new opportunity.
  • You and your friends need to study some complex custom content. Divide it into 6 sections and each craft study material. Then download and use your team app for studying.
  • Career switch material creation. For example, as a teacher of grade 10 students you may want to change to a technology career. Get bona fide credentials using your grade 10 content to populate an App. As a bonus, this will probably help your students in a big way.
  • You have a million dollar app idea (actually lots of them) but you have never acted on one. Test out your idea in a controlled environment. Get your content into the App Store fast.


Contact us now to get more information on creating your own custom application for the App Store. We will send you a guide that details the process and what content you will need to provide.


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