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With the Chez Moi lunch menu app, you are given a suggestion of a healthy, delicious soup, salad or sandwich. And you can save your favorites to use again or share. Many of the lunch ideas use basic ingredients that you already have in your kitchen or garden. How many times have you gone out to a café, looked at the menu, made your selection and realized that you could have made that soup, salad or sandwich at home? With Chez Moi, your kitchen now has a fun menu too!

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Chez Moi – It Knows What You Want

Using Big Data, Chez Moi uses your choices to determine other options that you are going to like. So the more you use the App, the more it becomes customized to your tastes and preferences.

Text a Lunch Reminder to a Friend

Use Chez Moi to find a great lunch idea and then send a text with the pre-populated content to anyone in your contact list … or type in any mobile phone number. This is seamlessly integrated with your Contacts, so there is no set-up required for this to be useful.

Use this app for yourself, a forgetful senior or a student who studies too much and forgets to eat when they are cramming for a test.

Four Reasons to Use Chez Moi Every Day

– get more micronutrients in your diet by letting the app work for you
– save money by making lunch at home instead of eating out
– get the restaurant menu experience every day
– save time by eating at home instead of going out

Available in 6 Languages

Chez Moi was originally written in English; but, was subsequently translated for the Local App Stores into the following languages:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Slovak

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Download Chez Moi – Get Started With a Healthy Lunch Resolution

For a free download click here from your Apple Mobile iPhone or iPad:

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