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The Hugomatica team brings diversity to the Mobile App Development game. We think outside the box, find white space and develop apps for life and learning. We think different. So learn more about Hugomatica below.

Full Stack Developer Profile vs. Hugomatica

Profile The World Hugomatica
Gender Male (92%) Female
Age 31 to 35 Other
Language Java Script (44%) Swift
Device OS Android (86%) iOS
App Type Games (41%) Education & Utility

“According to a global survey of more than 1,000 developers by mobile advertising platform InMobi, the average developer is a 31- to 35-year-old man with less than three of years of app development experience.” (David Bolton, arc.applause.com, February 27, 2016).

Meet Hugomatica CEO, Sam Hugo.CEO Sam Hugo

We hope you find the development profiles and anatomy of our full stack apps interesting. And if you like our Divino – Classical Education icon, you can contact the artist for your own original art. Our icon was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing and makes an excellent unique-looking icon on the App Store.

Hugomatica Icon

Chronology of the Hugomatica Full Stack App Development

  1. Chez Moi: This was our first attempt at programming an App. After doing most of the assignments for  Harvard CS50 EdX in November and December of 2014 (and then crashing for 2 months), we were ready for a new challenge. During the crash period, we took a few beginning Swift classes on Udemy. At this time, we were learning the first version of Swift, which ended up being a good thing because Swift 2 and 3 introduced some new ideas.
  2. Divino Minecraft Edition: In December 2015, just after Christmas we were at Disneyland, standing in a lot of lines with a 7 year-old. We noticed some people playing a guessing game, like Heads Up and we said “We can code that”. So we did. The longest part of the development timeline was the content. We had to research Minecraft terminology and then test it on the 7 year-old.
  3. Shrubs and Muddles: After having a few delicious Muddles in St. Petersburg, Florida and then having some refreshing Shrubs at our favorite California cafe, we were inspired to create this App. With the history of shrubs and muddles being British and with a family member spending the year in London, we created the naming algorithm with British words like “South Kensington” and “Imperial College”. Just before we uploaded Shrubs and Muddles to the App Store, we noticed that Safeway started selling shrubs for $16.95 for a small bottle.
  4. Divino Classical Education: With this App, we originally started with the Divino Minecraft Edition code, because we thought that families may want to learn classical information together. But during a visit from the SoCal relatives, we switched the structure to a self-testing app. Then Pokémon GO came out in 2016 and the 9 year-old and his friends loved finding Pokédex characters. So we added the Easter Egg experience to the App and provided the Divino CE IQ-Dex.

What’s New

We continue to look for inspiration in unlikely places for app development and features. And we listen to kids, teachers, grandparents and professionals as we want to develop Apps for Life and Learning. We recently introduced a service where we help you get your own quiz app published in the App Store.

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