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May 30, 2018: Hugomatica now has an app customization service. Go from zero to having a published app in App Store with our Custom Guessing Game iOS App Package.

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The Next Trending Startup

April 10, 2018: Fits Small Business quotes our CEO, Samantha Hugo in an article on How Small Businesses Can Increase Sales. Check out number 19.

As with Uber and Lyft, potential clients need to know if you are available now. With GoSpa (a free app for Apple mobile devices and coming soon for Android), you can let potential new clients know that you are available now by toggling your status to “Available Now”.

December 1, 2017: GoSpa is listed as one of  Reader’s Digest‘s Top 15 Technology Trends that you can expect to dominate 2018.

Check out the article at: What start-up doesn’t love being compared to Uber and Lyft?

GoSpa Live in the App Store

GoSpa (with a 5 star rating) is available from the App store, as of August 4, 2017. This App could change the Beauty Industry in an uber-positive way for the benefit of workers and clients alike. This is the ultimate core business hustle: just leveraging your skill as a Beauty Professional, by making everything more efficient.


Download GoSpa on the App Store

Read more about GoSpa here.

The Hugomatica team creates fun, useful apps for life and learning. Currently, the team uses Swift 3, and began coding with the first version of Swift in 2014. Since all of the App code is built using Swift, the Hugomatica apps are robust, current and optimized for Apple devices.

We use Scrum agile software development framework throughout the process for product development. In that way, we adapt to the fast changing market and take advantage of new ideas and inspiration on a regular basis. Although we have an end-state app vision for each app, we focus first on delivery of the minimum viable product set. In that way, we get our products to market, fast.

Hugomatica App Store Products

Hugomatica App Development with Swift

Swift is the open source Apple language that is fast, safe, concise and fun. The syntax is clean, easy to read and maintain. And memory is managed automatically. Some of the features of Swift include:

  • Core Data
  • Type Inference
  • Memory Management
  • Type Safety
  • Optionals
  • Storyboards
  • Size Classes
  • Playgrounds

Hugomatica App Store Products

In addition to the programming portion, there are many steps to get an App accepted by Apple. We follow the recommended Apple design standards and create our own original artwork and content to include in the App. Currently the Hugomatica team has four apps in the store and more apps and enhancements under development. Click on the links below to learn more about each of the Apps or to learn about the Anatomy of the Apps:

App Description

App Anatomy

Divino Classical Education Anatomy of Divino CE
Chez Moi Anatomy of Chez Moi
Divino Minecraft Edition Anatomy of Divino ME
Shrubs and Muddles Anatomy of Shrubs and Muddles

Each App page below has a link to the App Store download. Click on the links below from your mobile Apple device:

Hugomatica Icon Chez Moi Icon
Divino ME Icon Shrubs and Muddles Icon

We just upgraded Divino Classical Edition in August 2017. After an exceptionally fast approval to the App Store, GoSpa has been updated twice. The Android version for beauticians is in progress now. No rest for the Hugomatica team.

Check this out and if you like the results, share on Facebook. This is the Hugomatica team’s first attempt at interactive content with a fun quiz.

Which jacked-up nail polish color suits you best?