Divino Classic Education: Science, Literature, Art, Latin & Greek Mythology

Even if you missed out on an expensive private school education, you can quickly learn the basics of a classic education. Play Divino Classic Education and you will be better prepared for scholarly discussions. Jump into and contribute to the next conversation — inside or outside the classroom.

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Get Inspired by a Classic Education

Become inspired to visit art museums. Read beloved classic books. Add mythological references to your conversations. Or retake the SAT or GMAT with your new-found vocabulary knowledge. The possibilities are limitless.

Six Classic Categories of Education … Free

Divino CE Free Categories

Get More out of Your Travel Experience

Geography is obviously beneficial for travel, but it is even better to learn every category of this App to really make a trip to Europe meaningful.

In the Art category, it is helpful to learn about art museums, techniques, painters and sculptors. When you recognize a piece or read the placard below, pieces start to fall into place.

Greek Mythology is a common theme that you will see in art throughout Europe and beyond. For example, knowing the Mythology behind Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is helpful background, as you will want to spend a fair amount of your time at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, in front of this painting.

Similarly, Literature will give you an extra lift as well. This is helpful if you stumble down a random alley in South Kensington and run across the former residence of Virginia Wolf. Or if you are in Bath and you see references to Jane Austen everywhere. Or, if you are near San Francisco and you visit Jack London Square in Oakland.

Even Latin is a nice addition to your travel repertoire. For example, if you visit the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii, you will notice that the entrance has a beautiful mosaic, with the words Cave Canem, which means Beware of Dog.

Keeping up With the Jones, Academically

If you have done a lot of traveling, you would know that the Louvre is in Paris and contains the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. One of his most famous drawings is the Vitruvian Man and you may know more about it than your friends who have travelled because you got the Easter Egg, IQ-Dex behind the scenes story.

Sometimes, you may want a refresher or first time review of What you Should Have Learned in Private School for those times when you are:

  • getting ready for rush at an elite sorority
  • going on a trip to Europe
  • meeting a new group of friends who are very well-travelled
  • getting ready to meet potential in-laws who discuss this sort of thing at the dinner table (and expect you to keep up)

Hidden IQ-Dex Items to Find

There are 9 Easter Eggs (aka IQ-Dex items) for each category and you will want to find them all. Play the game often. If there is an associated IQ-Dex item and you get it right on the first guess, it is added to your IQ-Dex treasures — even if you use hints!

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IQ-Dex – Interesting Stories to Tell

Statistically, you may get lucky and you may find the IQ-Dex Easter Eggs early in the game. However, each game is randomized so it could be challenging to get all of the IQ-Dex items for all of the categories. But while you are trying, other facts are being reinforced in your memory.

I use the IQ-Dex stories as fast bedtime inspiration stories for my 10 year old. The material is written for a 12 year-old level and above. However, the stories are interesting for all ages. So, when my son’s teacher, Ms. Alexander, asks him to name 15 European counties, he includes Bosnia-Hertzogovina. When she asks him to name authors, he includes Shakespeare and Jane Austin. And when he gets a new kitten, he names it Mr. Darcy.

As always, we are looking for your suggestions as we continue to improve the app.

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